Our philosophy is ”…every problem has a solution…

Dasola spol. s r. o.

This statement has inspired us since the beginning of our company’s operation and we apply it to all age categories.

Our aim is to offer products that have „depth” in the uniqueness of composition and that are of the highest quality. We look forward to bringing you a little health, relaxation and joy in your life.

Ideas come with the thought of satisfied and balanced female energy, which is the strongest driving force…



We are based on the inner knowledge that health is a balance between the physical and emotional (mental) states. We apply various forms of action for this, like a stay in our Genuine Salt Cave (Pravá soľná jaskyňa), advice on a healthy lifestyle, as well as a number of quality products. We focus on supporting health as a whole and thus at least partially contribute to your healing.


We perceive this as a time to relax. We care about relaxing your mind. Turn off thoughts right in our salt cave or in the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to beautiful and relaxing moments that will bring you desired satisfaction and joy. At any moment in life we can decide how we want to live and there are only two ways: joy or fear.


One of the driving forces for us is the quality of the products and services offered. We just love her. However, we are inspired not only by it, but also by its originality. To support integrity and the caress of the eye and spirit. With the gift wrap you will make not only yourself but also your loved ones happy.


Calm down. What are you after?
Do you want to catch up with death? It won’t run away from you.
And life? It already is – all around you.
Don’t ruin your health and live. Enjoy all the beauty around you.
It’s worth it.


    Establishment of Solumar s. r. o.

    Our journey continued with the establishment of the subsidiary Solumar s. r. o., engaged in the production of candles from natural material obtained from palm nuts – palm wax. The candles are handmade for the pleasure of pure light, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers, without the addition of essential oils, which irritate sufferers when burning. Our candles clean and harmonize the space.

  • 2020

    We developed new products. We prepared and started the production of bath cosmetics. The first to bring to the market are the handmade products Bath Bombs and Shower Bombs with vitamin C at the highest as well as unique quality. They provide a pleasant experience and health to your skin.